JR / Duty Free

Working with DT, I complete a Customer Experience Audit for JR Duty Free, the work provided a detailed understanding of the clients business, their challenges and provided a roadmap of digital recommendations.

My approach included a range of desk research to understand the industry, sector and customers – duty free is like no other retail sector that I had worked with before, making it a very specialised operation. Imagine only having a set amount of time with passengers when they depart or arrive to sell to them, and how difficult that must be when your customer has just got off a 14 hour flight with kids!

To gain a better understanding of the customer journey, I conducted interviews with customers and staff, and toured an airport – gaining a deeper empathy with the realities of the journey, the challenges, the essential links between the physical and the digital. These experiences gave first hand insight in the systems, processes and people – ensuring our recommendations were phased into credible and realistic stages.

From this point I was able to validate stages of the journey and key business touchpoints (front and back of house operations), and transposed them into a business blueprint and several customer journey maps for arrival and departures.

These documents highlighted experience breakages that were understood from a high-level, but had not been analysed across the business functions or physical / digital realms. And provided the basis to design a roadmap using a customers perspective (feelings, experiences at journey stages), to explain the business need.

I supported our recommendations with a usability review and analytic reports. Both gave key slides to validated our findings, and furthered our “show don’t tell” approach. Importantly, this visual storytelling from the customer’s perspective, using their journeys and experiences (supported by data) and assisted us to translate our recommendations into language that was clear, and leapfrog the often felt boundary of digital / industry jargon. And this for me was the learning – that visual thinking really does help tell the story!

As I said at the outset of this post – duty free retail is fascinating! And I’m really grateful to have had the chance to have learned about this industry, its challenge and opportunities.

To have also worked with a great bunch of people from JR/Duty Free and DT – I’ve met great minds and learned lots – and the work was really well received.





Date & Time

November 7, 2015