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    About Kate

    I’d describe myself as having T-shaped skills, with a focus on Customer Experience. The growing complexity of our world and its impact on digital really started my interest in Service Design. The power of visuals to align humans and tell stories, to help them focus on how to see the gaps that affect their ability to deliver services via all of their channels (especially digital) is what got me.

    I think my greatest stroke of fortune was early on – travelling to, and being trained by the mature digital industry bods of the UK. There I learned how to design and deliver a range of projects across SME, local / national government and global brands.

    On return to AU, I worked with retailers to design & build eCom sales & multi-channel comms, and recently returned to study MDF and specialise in Service Design. I’m building on my experience to specialise in Strategic CX Design. I’m fascinated by the businesses who have recognised the trend and power of appropriating design thinking to innovate – and the people who are leading this space.


I live & work in Melbourne.



I liked to work from Monday to Friday and spend the weekend reading stuff for study & enjoying life.